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Thread: RIP Will Dunniway

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    Re: RIP Will Dunniway

    RIP, Will!

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    Re: RIP Will Dunniway

    I remember his inspiring pictures when starting doing wetplate in 2008.

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    Re: RIP Will Dunniway

    Just found out about Will. I can't say it was not expected. He had a brought back from the dead heart attack several years ago. After that he tried living to the fullest he could and got near his beloved Yosemite. He was always a good friend in the fullest sense of the word. I first met Bill, as he was originally called, at the 1988 Gettysburg 125th reenactment. As a confederate soldier he sat before my, at the time Anthony Victoria original wet-plate camera and had his 6th plate ambrotype likeness made. He knew right then and there he wanted to do this kind of photography. He apprenticed with me and the late Claude Levet who was my apprentice at Gettysburg and soon learned the process. I even sold him the Anthony camera, which I regret doing, but hay at the time they were much more around. He went on to do the finest of the finest wet-plate imagery at reenactments from CW, Gold Rush, and cowboys and Indians. Will and I did a workshop together here in NY state and he had been to my Camp Tintype doings many times. I'm sure he had the best of care from his fine wife, France, to the end, bless her heart! I wish I could be at the memorial service but I'm heavily tethered to Camp Tintype with workshops about to start, 40 head of cattle, and much to do to get ready for the 20th wet-plate collodion Jamboree end of July. Hopefully of the old guard who new him will be here and tell me about the service. See ya in Tintype Heaven Will!

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    Re: RIP Will Dunniway

    Will was a friend and I remember him saying to me ( I'm not a wet plate photographer) " you're a carbon transfer printer? You are crazy!" I had the utmost respect for Will and the work he did was always first rate and I will miss him. We are going to the memorial and I'll post some images and I hope others will share as well.

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