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Thread: After all, why not? Why shouldn't I fall into THIS hole?

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    After all, why not? Why shouldn't I fall into THIS hole?

    Hello from the Netherlands! Over the past while I have been reconsidering the kind of photography I want to do and discovered large format black and white landscape photography. I have a DSLR (Canon 50D) that is capable enough at other subjects, but I noticed that compared to my grandfather's b/w film shots they missed something. He, as far as I know, only used 35mm and perhaps medium format. However, learning about the unique capabilities of large format attracted me immediately to this even more complicated form of photography. There are particular subjects unique to this country that I would like to shoot in this manner.

    I did order some 35mm film to put in a camera as soon as I discover which of the ones in storage hold up, so I can at least see if my metering (using the DSLR for now) is correct with much cheaper film. After that, at some point I will have to start accruing the large format gear. It makes sense to look to 4x5 first, even though I would like to eventually use the tremendously expensive 8x10.

    Hopefully this journey will actually begin soon.

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    Re: After all, why not? Why shouldn't I fall into THIS hole?


    just jump in anywhere

    art has few rules
    Images vastly preferred

    not game trying to


    In Time

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    Re: After all, why not? Why shouldn't I fall into THIS hole?

    No harm in falling in. Just as long as you can climb back out!

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    Re: After all, why not? Why shouldn't I fall into THIS hole?

    Oh, yeah, it's definitely a slippery slope! Personally, after shooting all formats of film from 35mm through 8x10, I moved to digital circa 2000 only shooting the occasionally roll or sheet of film. But, after years of being only partially satisfied with my prints from digital (and I tried just about everything, including mixing my own inks for B&W printing) I returned to film and now only occasionally shoot digital. I'm now, once again, very satisfied with my results and will continue to shoot film for as long as its available.

    Jump in and enjoy the soothing waters with the rest of us!

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    Re: After all, why not? Why shouldn't I fall into THIS hole?

    Large format is (I think) the most honest form of photography. The camera is just a dark enclosed space, no microprocessors, no auto-exposure, no screen to chimp after each shot "just to be sure". You need to know what you're doing, and it takes a while to learn, but it can reward you with something special. And the journey itself is its own reward, for those who can appreciate it.

    Bon voyage!
    "I love my Verito lens, but I always have to sharpen everything in Photoshop..."

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    After all, why not? Why shouldn't I fall into THIS hole?

    To me, there’s room for everything, and you don’t need to choose. It’s like choosing between Mozart and Beethoven. Well, I choose both.

    There’s photography where LF, as a tool, excels and there’s photography where digital excels. I was reminded of that last weekend when for the first time in 3 years I took my trusty digital rig. I was able to take pics I know I would not have been able to with my 8x10. Think, street photography, kid portraits, sports, etc. try shooting LF from a small boat. Try shooting the desert dunes to capture the sand being pulled away by the strong wind with your 8x10.

    At the same time I was left with 800+ digital shots with maybe 8 great shots. Mind you, when I shoot my 8x10 my “success” ratio is way higher than 1%.

    They’re ultimately tools, use them to make your art. You can do that with either, or both.

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    Re: After all, why not? Why shouldn't I fall into THIS hole?

    Feel free to contact me in case you want some sparring. I do 35mm, medium format and 4x5", depending on the type of subject, the conditions and the mood I'm in. Take a look at my website if you're interested:
    Good luck with your journey into analog photography, hope to see some of your results soon!

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