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Thread: Modern Rise of the Field Folder View Camera.

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    Re: Modern Rise of the Field Folder View Camera.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bernice Loui View Post
    Today's adder...

    Given the current view camera preference by far would be a lightweight field folder view camera, does this imply the journey of view camera image making is much about the adventure of being outdoors, discovery of things serendipitous to be imaged then shared...


    Images created out of the inner world of an individuals mind?
    Neither. It doesn't imply anything.

    I take my 5x7 Nagaoka into the field because it would be sheer lunacy to lug my 5x7 Sinar P. The Nagaoka is a pleasure to carry and use on the fly; the Sinar would be a nightmare of burden and hassle. OTOH, in a studio setting with a photographic task that requires a complex setup, sometimes the Sinar is a better choice. It's purely a functional decision, has nothing to do with how I was trained or what my philosophy of photography is.

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    Re: Modern Rise of the Field Folder View Camera.

    Ok, if that is the take. As a first time LF user I looked for a camera that could be used in a multiple of situations. Also I do most of my photography "outdoors" meaning when on the go. Could be a walk, visiting some place, holiday. Rarely this are photocentric outings. Right now I have a metal, not so light folding view camera. I'd swap for a lightweight similar camera if I could find one and if I could afford it. Lugging around a monorail through town for a whole day for a single shot is out of the question.

    Another thing that took me to LF is the possibility to take just a single image and develop it. I really have an issue with film that has more than half a dozen poses on it. Then it stays in the camera for ages. These days I seldom take more than 2-3 photos in a day. (ok, not on holiday when visiting historic places. Then about a roll of 6x4.5 a day is fine)

    I do not see this as a journey or adventure outside or something I really want to share. It is quite rare that I share an image as they generally are not worth looking at, I take them for my own pleasure.

    So it is more of the most convenient tool for what I want to do. And I have no idea what "he inner world of my mind" is.
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    Re: Modern Rise of the Field Folder View Camera.

    I agree with roll or can film has too many

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