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Thread: Source for light meter calibration?

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    Source for light meter calibration?

    For many years Iíve sent my meters to George Melton at Quality Light Metric for calibration and conversion to modern batteries. I read that George has retired and I need another source for analog meter service.

    I love the old Weston Ranger 9 meters and have one George converted and calibrated a few years ago. Last week I picked up a second that works but needs converted and calibrated.

    Anyone have a source for meter calibration and conversion?


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    Re: Source for light meter calibration?

    I’m looking forward to any answer that might be out there. Times just changed significantly with the loss of QLM and Paramount.

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Source for light meter calibration?

    There was another thread on this not long ago. There will always be a need for light meters and their calibration. The trickier question is how anyone can make a living doing it these days, or acquire the necessary parts. I relied on George for decades; yes, only about once a decade; but when you need calibration or repair, you need it. I'm just hoping my two newer Pentax spotmeters will last the duration of my own usage. My first one is literally held together with electrical tape, though amazingly it still reads correctly, having last been cleaned and recalibrated by George about twenty years ago.

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    Re: Source for light meter calibration?

    Quote Originally Posted by BrianShaw View Post
    Iím looking forward to any answer that might be out there. Times just changed significantly with the loss of QLM and Paramount.
    Why not ask Grimes or Watson who they would suggest?

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    Re: Source for light meter calibration?

    I know Richard Ritter ( has done some work on Zone VI branded Pentax meters, but don't know if he works on any other meters. Might want to check with him; calling is best.

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    Re: Source for light meter calibration?

    I'm not sure if he would work on your particular light meter but Rich Ritter calibrated my Pentax spot meter (his specialty). Probably worth sending him an email.

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    Re: Source for light meter calibration?

    Thanks for the comments. I didn’t realize QLM was pretty much George as a solo act. When you have so few sources and lose the best it’s devastating. Though if George feels its time to retire he certainly has earned it.

    I’m afraid this is the same thing that’s happening to shutter and lens repairs. About 6 years ago I bought a Fuji 180 5.6 that was soft. The only company with an optical bench that I knew of was Century Optical / Schneider in California. Century mates two different 121 Super Angelina that had met with similar disasters and produced 1 beautiful and perfectly functioning lens out of two wrecks. The short story, I talked them into working on my Fuji. They decided to do the work because it is in a Copal shutter which they were the distributor for. Now if I encountered a problem I’m not sure who I’d send something to.

    We’re running out of sorces for repairs folks.

    I understand George did much of Hollywood’s meter calibration and had a contract with NASA. I’m sure he did pretty well.

    Thanks all!

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    Re: Source for light meter calibration?

    I wonder whether any of the companies still selling meters new - e.g. Sekonic (MAC Group in the US), Gossen, Kenko, Spectra Cine - could tell us whether they have anyone they refer to for older models they no longer service.

    Also, just looked at the Spectra Cine site and found this - note especially the last sentence about servicing other manufacturers' equipment:

    Repair and Clalibration

    The company provides a wide range of services including photometric testing, calibration and repair of your equipment to assure its accuracy and performance. Our testing and calibration laboratories equipment is traceable to National Institute of Standard Technology (NIST).

    We also service our equipment at factory and several sites throughout the world through factory Authorized service centers. We also service and calibrate equipment manufactured by other manufacturers whose owners may require traceability to a NIST standard.

    (Yes, the web site does say "Clalibration". )

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    Re: Source for light meter calibration?

    The "Clalibration" caused me to be wary--until I realized the letters "Cla" may very well mean CLA, as in clean. lubricate, and adjust. So I bookmarked the site.


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    Re: Source for light meter calibration?

    I found a company that will calibrate my Weston Ranger 9. The price quoted is $275. I think 5 years ago QLM was $185 so not too unreasonable.

    Looking at what they do I’d say they’ll calibrate your Pentax one degree spot or most any Gossen, Sekonic or Minolta meter.

    Also found a gentleman in the UK, Ian Partridge, that specializes in Weston Master selenium meters. The price for a Master V complete overhaul with new cell is about $275. He was willing to evaluate my Ranger 9 but if I can find a source in the US I’d prefer that.

    I’m also going to check a couple other possibilities.

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