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Thread: Digital contact sheet

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    Digital contact sheet

    I think this setup is worth sharing. Sometimes while looking for a certain negative in one of my many "print file" pages, it can become a bit of an eye strain. Using the same setup as my "Poor mans scanner". I use a D7000 with a AF-S 40mm. (one of Nikon's least expensive lens). My light source is a Macbeth Prooflite that has sat unused for many years. The lens to subject distance is about 18 inches. I set it up so that I'm in a standing position while using it. The negative page is "sandwiched" between two pieces of glass. One of which is taped to the light box. Place page on it, position it and place cover glass on it gently, room lights off, take the shot. Switch to the next page. Once again I must say how impressed I am with the focus assist feature, considering the top piece of glass, it focusses on the negatives. In photoshop, I invert (Crtl. + I) to a positive. The setup allows for quick shooting a stack of pages. The focus seems to require very little adjustment. It still need refinement. A jig to maintain positioning the print file page and probably a taped hinge on the top sheet of glass. My shelf that holds the light box has a re-enforced cut out as well as guide rails. It takes less than 5 minutes to setup or put away. It works great. bk
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    Re: Digital contact sheet

    A normal contact sheet would be positive, do you invert them?
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