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Thread: RF strobe sync today???

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    Re: RF strobe sync today???

    Quote Originally Posted by robphoto View Post
    I have used the terrible cheap eBay RF units, and the very reliable Paul C Buff RF units, plugged into Speedotron packs, and there was no problem, so at least those particular units don't have a problem with the voltage. If you ever consider buying a cheap radio remote, please don't. I'd pay a lot to avoid the embarrassment those units brought me. If you have the old style Speedotron pack with the household type plug, you'll need a cable to connect the receiver to the pack, often a 1/8" mono to household cable.

    I also used Canon DSLRs plugged direct through the PC cable into the Speedo pack, without a problem, but it's not something I'd recommend to someone else.
    Thanks!!! It finally dawned on me to search online for "safe sync strobe" to calm my fear and get some answers (mostly from around 2005)... Seems earlier (even on-camera flashes) have the voltage potential of hundreds of volts, but early digital cameras were usually only beefy enough (in flash circuit) to handle about 5V... Continued, use might destroy or degrade early cameras... There are safe-sync devices sold, or circuit one can build... There is a test of voltage by probing the strobe sync terminal with a DVM to directly measure the potential (which is a good idea)... So next weekend's project...

    Just ordered an old Quantum radio sync (very cheap!!!) for my distance needs and can provide camera isolation, but the unit is still connected to the pack, so will see if it can still handle it...

    I do electronics, so will order parts to build safe circuits in tiny boxes soon to protect my digital cameras (condoms of love)...

    May not be needed, but an ounce of protection...

    Steve K

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    Re: RF strobe sync today???

    I used direct PC connection to Speedotron packs starting with the Canon D30 (circa 2000!) but like I said, I wouldn't give that as advice!

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