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Thread: Any Recommendations For Large Format Printers (44"/112cm and up)?

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    Any Recommendations For Large Format Printers (44"/112cm and up)?

    Hello friends,

    After a year of getting a 4x5 and learning how to use it properly, I moved onto DSLR scanning using my Sony a7R IV and learned all about scanning, and now I've finally come to printing, something that I'm woefully undereducated about. I'm finding myself clueless among all the different types and brands of printers and don't really know where to start. And, my god, the paper choices are endless and has my head spinning!

    That said, can any of you experts recommend any good new or used photo printers that can print rolls that are 44", 60", to 64" wide?

    I have a slight preference for the 60" and 64" inch wide printers, simply because I have many works that I'd like to print at that larger size, which I think would be far more cost effective than farming it out to a 3rd party fine art printing service. Nonetheless, I still would be more than happy with a 44" printer. I have saved about $5K specifically for this printer endeavor. I'd be using it frequently for my fine art work photography (and only photography), which is why it would make more sense for me to purchase a good (likely used) large format printer. If it somehow helps narrow the choices down, my photographs are almost all exclusively in color (even though I have many in B&W that I'd love to print at a much larger scale). As far as paper is concerned, I would like to print it on a luster or semi-gloss paper, or ideally any paper that can be bonded to a plexiglas or Diasec front for extra stability, especially if it's a very large print.

    Anyway, any suggestions are very welcome. Many thanks!

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    Re: Any Recommendations For Large Format Printers (44"/112cm and up)?

    First rule of owning a wide format printer, if you are not significantly gifted in terms of electronics and mechanics, always have a service contract. Always.

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    Re: Any Recommendations For Large Format Printers (44"/112cm and up)?

    Quick question: Are you stitching images? A straight copy of a 4x5 with the r4 wouldn't yield a print any larger than 20x24.


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    Re: Any Recommendations For Large Format Printers (44"/112cm and up)?

    I print every week for both myself and other photographers and artists. I would get a Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-4100 Printer. There are lots of 44" wide printers but the Canons are MUCH more reliable and less expensive to maintain. However you should not take my word for it. Based on you profile it says you live in Los Angeles. You need to speak with Eric Joseph at Freestyle Photographic. He teaches printing, creates custom profiles and has forgotten more about paper than I will ever know. And I know a lot. Since he is in your back yard reach out to him, he's an unbelievable resource. Freestyle sells several different brands of printers. However after you speak with Eric I'm pretty sure you'll buy a Canon. More importantly is the level of support he provides. He will walk you through how to set it up and calibrate it correctly based on real world experience. I cannot recommend him enough.

    After you get set up, talk to Eric about how you want to print, buy 4 to 6 different types of paper and have him profile them. you won't regret it. If you need advice on paper reach out to me. I'll talk your ear off.

    Erie's point regarding service contracts is very true for Epson. I wouldn't bother with one if you buy from Freestyle. Eric's support is pretty legendary amongst those of us that take printing seriously. If you have a problem he can find a solution just because you bought from him.

    Please send Eric my regards!


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    Re: Any Recommendations For Large Format Printers (44"/112cm and up)?

    I haven't had experience with the large Canons, but I definitely concur with the common complaint about the Epsons clogging up if they sit for more than a week. I have a small Canon at home and it has never clogged. The desktop-sized high-end Epsons are pretty crummy too; all kinds of problems with those at the school, even brand new ones. The large Epsons can be generally reliable if you use them every day, but there will still be nagging mechanical annoyances.

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