The history of LF photographers is mostly fractured on-line with frequently limited image samples of prominent (and lesser known) greats. The quality of images is in some cases questionable (i.e. Porter's images from Carter museum), and though some are well presented by such groups a Getty and the individual's website, I am not aware of a "prime source" for extensive and high quality image presentations.

A thought came while sleeping (love the dream state) as to whether this forum could/would be willing to take on the creation of an extensive and comprehensive educational tool of say at least 100 (or more) LF photographers whose work found acclaim , whether the result of fine art, commercial/studio/portrait, architectural, landscape etc. There is the issue of writing bios and placing that photogs work in context of the period and impact overall.

There is the issue of copyrights which would have to be researched for foreign image takers (Japan for instance), then approaching each source for rights to use and/or link to images. We could simply accumulate all references and links from elsewhere on this forum into one Educational Section, perhaps editing prior posts with new material (if that is possible) and new links.

I recognize that such an endeavor would likely require much greater database and speed capability, not just because of new data, but from an expectation of much increased activity from new members and non-member perusal.

Specific photographers could be assigned to members who are willing to participate, and a group of editors established to review the material prior to final posts.

Comments and other considerations welcome. This may not be feasible, but wouldn't it be great to have a single source for LF on the entire internet and say quintessential images from each in good quality for viewing?