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Thread: Lost Light Art a Full LF Free Lesson

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    Lost Light Art a Full LF Free Lesson

    This one YT made by one guy shows about everything in 24 minutes

    He starts with his visualization, goes to 2 locations, sets up, shoots both on his own DIY Dry Plates

    Then processes them in a tiny area inside his camper with very little water

    Then makes a phone scan in field with his laptop as light source

    Remember 'Zebra', he has plans I think!

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    Re: Lost Light Art a Full LF Free Lesson

    That was pretty interesting.

    He also has an excellent video on making a bellows. There's both a YouTube and a blog post.

    That's probably the best method I've seen. It's a lot simpler than how I made mine many years ago.

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    Re: Lost Light Art a Full LF Free Lesson

    One of my favorite sites.

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