I have recently bought the Howtek HiResolve 8000 (for $2-2.5k) with mounting station (and no consumables). After solving the initial problems - cleaning corroded lamp contacts, getting SCSI card, installing old enough OS for parallel port Trident dongle to work, determining that the SCSI terminator was plugged in backwards (its metal housing has split in two in past and somebody put in the connector part upside down) - I have made multiple scans (about 50) with some banding (apparently from the not-so-clean calibration area). Sometimes I got errors during prescan which were always solved by cleaning the calibration area or remounting the films (as I had no consumables I had to dry-mount it with rubylith tape) but maybe it was no the root of the problem.

Now I cannot get past the calibration stage (on LCD after calibration nessages there is an "Ok." for very short time and then "Aborting..." and after the carriage ends getting to the home position I get "SCSI GetStatus Error" in software). Scanner shows in status errors 159 and 705. Manual suggests that the 705 is standard SCSI communication errors while sending data to the computer. I have finally cleaned the drum with KAMI SXL2001, so it should not be caused by unclean drum. The driving belt also seems to be in good shape, I plan to get some spare (as with the lamps). About error 159 there is no mention made anywhere.

I would like to ask, if there is someone with the Service Manual who could put some light on what the Error 159 is. Or even get the Service manual itself (if it is possible). Many thanks.