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Thread: DIY Sinar bubbles

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    DIY Sinar bubbles

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    found these on ebay 6x15mm. got the old ones to come loose. a little cleaning and a small dot of gel super glue. we'll see how they hold up. I saw some guy on the internet, selling the one for the rear standard one, with mount, for $60. Holy cow !!

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    Re: DIY Sinar bubbles

    A while back also found some similar levels on ebay, and bought bought several of them. Placed them on a granite surface plate next to each other and one was no good, two not quite acceptable (used them on my pinhole camera), and the rest passed. I used JB WELD to attach them. Going on probably 2+ years and still working.

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    Re: DIY Sinar bubbles

    Don't use the superglue on it, as it can haze/craze the plastic, and harder to get off if needed...

    Use contact cement...

    Steve K

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