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Thread: Horseman 45FA pull out issue?

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    Horseman 45FA pull out issue?


    I am new to Large format.

    I went on ebay and got myself a 45FA and it arrived Tuesday.

    Not being that experienced I am not sure if this is normal or not.

    When i pull out the standard / bellows, its not overly smooth on the rail.

    Worse still. When i try to push it back in, it seems to stop just before it gets fully in the shell. Every now and then i manage to push it all the way into the case but I have to put so much pressure it leaves a mark on my fingers from the 2 clips i have to hold.

    I aske the seller and he seems to think this is normal.

    Am i missing something? A lever or switch i need to press to allow retraction?

    Any advice / experience is greatly appreciated.

    I dont want my first camera to be a brick!

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    Re: Horseman 45FA pull out issue?

    First, get a good flashlight, and look inside while you're closing it to see if it catches on anything. On my graflex, I have to remember to lower the front standard before closing the camera.

    Second, the rails may need a decent cleaning, and possibly lubrication.

    I assume you've read through the manual?

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    Re: Horseman 45FA pull out issue?

    HI Grat

    Yes i Have read various times and no where it mentions a switch etc

    On closer inspection.

    If i drop the bed, it feels lose. If i retrun the bed to its zero position, i cannot move the standard back into the shell. I have to physically hold the lid / rails to allow the bellows and standard to retract fully.

    This even happens now and then in normal use.

    I would say a fault?

    Thank you

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    Re: Horseman 45FA pull out issue?

    Sooo camera is faulty (sigh)

    I talked to the seller and he Apologized and said he would give me a full refund.

    He is not sure what it could be but would look at it once back with him

    Feeling rather deflated now

    Ah well

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