I'm going to recommend a poncho, in particular, this one,


Even though there is no reviews online at Amazon.com, I believe the heaver thickness will serve well enoughas a dark cloth, it will cover no only your camera, but on a tripod, it's act as a tent to protect other gear from falling rain and it rolls up into it's own front pouch.

I wore an army poncho while in the service, a million years ago and it worked well enough for many, many frames in small/medium format, and this one should also serve as a decent dark cloth, even if you fold lengthwise the poncho in half and use the lower/wider end as the dark cloth in extra bright conditions.

You can also use Velcro straps to hold up the 'Skirt', and strap to the legs, but I do no feel any dark cloth should be mounted/tied to a tripod, with the exception below, as even the heaviest will still be at the mercy of the wind that big sail will catch.

Small spring clamps, or heavy duty cloths pins can also be carried in the pocket of the poncho, as well as heavy-duty clothes pins, IMO.

I suggest a long paracord line of about 5 or six feet be secured to one gromit at the bottom of the skirt, and secured to a camera bag/tripod at the foot of the Tripod, so if the wind does catch it and tries to fly it away, it will stream out and in line with the paracord, for quick recovery, with heavier tripods.

Many of us are older and a flash rain or sleet storm should no mean we have to remove our coats to get the shots we want, so I see the addition of a poncho as a positive addition to a camera bag, for those whom shoot outside in all sorts of weather, especially in places where the weather is pron to major changes in just minutes.

So, though having no used this particular unit, I can no recommend it as a known 'perfect' product, but because it's through Amazon.com, I doubt anyone that does use it, will have much difficulty in returning it if it is no what you want, just wait until you decide it's a fit in you kit, before punching it for gromits.

Cheers and Godspeed to All,