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Thread: Scanner Options & Comparisons. Which to choose?

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    Re: Scanner Options & Comparisons. Which to choose?

    I'm currently using a Mac G5 with OS 10.3.7 to run the CreoScitex Eversmart Supreme with oxygen scan version 2.5.5 . It should also run on OS 10.4
    These machines are made to be used commercially and the only problem I've had over the last 13 years is when I had a bad monitor cable that somehow haunted my communication with the scanner.
    The scanner is slow, but I enjoy operating it. It's like having your own R2D2 robot as it talks to you!
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    Re: Scanner Options & Comparisons. Which to choose?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Klein View Post
    As a side question, I'm planning to do a coffee table photo book. So the pictures are going to be relatively small anyway, probably not larger than 10" on the longer side. Would the V850 be sufficient for 35mm, MF, and 4x5 film?
    The v850 should be able to produce reasonably sharp scans at 2800 PPI (scan at 3200 and reduce, apply mild sharpening). At 200 DPI, that's a 14x enlargement, or 20" on the long side for 35mm. At 300 DPI, that's a 9x enlargement, or 12.75" from a 35mm frame.

    Being ultra-conservative, 2400 PPI scans will still produce 11" prints at 300 DPI or 17" prints at 200 DPI.

    Whether 35mm negatives can reliably produce 2400 PPI scans of quality on a V800/850 is a question mark-- some say yes, some say no, I haven't tried.

    The nice thing is, you can test this out for nothing more than a small investment in time. Although if I were printing a book from scans on a flatbed, I'd seriously consider wet mount, as it should produce better contrast and detail.

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    Re: Scanner Options & Comparisons. Which to choose?

    I wanted an IQSmart3 for a while. There is still a grass is greener feeling even with my camera scan rig. But the cost is prohibitive relative to it's commercial applications.

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