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Thread: Is it possible to practice the art of "seeing"?

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    Re: Is it possible to practice the art of "seeing"?

    Yes, but Michael

    When I bought my first motor drive 35 mm AF Nikon F70 new 1998 I had a blast shooting street at Maxwell Street, aka thieves market as I could shoot fast for the first time, having used Pentax 35 manual focus for decades

    I have posted some of those here, got some tough guys with hard eyes

    That thing still works, but I don't use it as it looks digi

    The Pentax is back

    I load my own 12 shot canister and can barely shoot that many
    Images vastly preferred

    not game trying to


    In Time

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    Re: Is it possible to practice the art of "seeing"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Doremus Scudder View Post

    I learned what I know of visual organization by studying art history, looking at paintings, architecture, sculpture and, yes, photographs with a view to understanding how great artists were using form and organization to lend their work expressiveness, legibility and power.

    I, too. Thank you, Doremus.



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    Re: Is it possible to practice the art of "seeing"?

    As a musician I learned that practice is practice and performance is performance. In practice you set something to improve on and then work out ways to improve. Some of that is experimentation. Translating that to photography, I frequently go out to improve something and take my old digital as a practice camera. For instance, if I want to learn to see landscapes through a longer lens, such as the way Elliot Porter did, rather than the more wide angel lens that I usually use, I take the digital with a longer lens and shoot 25-30 images - some as I would normally shoot, and some experimentally. I then take them home and analyze them. What works, what doesn’t. Why? Then I apply what I’ve learned to my large format images.

    I don’t think you can realistically practice while also trying to shoot an image you’d want to hang on the wall. Particularly with the price of large format film now.

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    Re: Is it possible to practice the art of "seeing"?

    You can buy one of those artist view catchers?


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