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Thread: Looking for a Pittsburgh connection

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    Re: Looking for a Pittsburgh connection

    Quote Originally Posted by _Karl View Post
    Hello, Rick
    I'll be sending you a PM shortly. Just got back from a month off (without internet or decent cellular access) so it may take me a little while to completely catch up.
    Just so you know, I'm probably not the best candidate for Pastafaria.
    Not a problem, we just won't go to Olive Garden.
    Rick Allen

    Argentum Aevum

    practicing Pastafarian

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    Re: Looking for a Pittsburgh connection

    hello from O'hara!!

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    Re: Looking for a Pittsburgh connection

    Hey, There is a pittsburgh photographers group that meets regularly again now and is free and open.
    I've been a part of the group since it started and it is a great group of creative people. It is all types of photography, so you may have to endure some digital.
    The meetings are mostly show and tell of images which leads to interesting discussions.
    Next meeting is is Apr 3 from 6-8-30 at the cathedral of learning on Pitt campus

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    Re: Looking for a Pittsburgh connection

    Thank you
    I will look into it.
    Just so you know, the Westmoreland Photographers Society would be open to anyone around the Pittsburgh area also.

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