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Thread: Epson 9600- Experience with refillable ink cartridges

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    Epson 9600- Experience with refillable ink cartridges

    Hi all-
    my experience with the Epson 9600 has been really good- clogs easily resolved, no mechanical issues but currently have found out the ink cartridges are no longer available- Epson has discontinued supplying them. There doesn't seem to be much online on refilling the old OEM cartridges so that leaves the folks selling refillable cartridges, along with ink to fill them and chip resetters. Does anyone have any experience with this world? Im interested in knowing of cartridges that work and who sells them. There is one total review on Amazon for one of these systems where the person states the cartridge didnt even fit into the printer- looking to avoid this if possible. Any experiences plus or minus welcome here and thanks in advance. I'd love to keep this printer going for a few more years if possible.

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    Re: Epson 9600- Experience with refillable ink cartridges


    While I have not used refillable cartridges, I have used many "generic" cartridges in my Epson 9600 which I have had for 16 years. I have put over 200 cartridges through the printer, a combination of Epson and other brands. As a rule, I have had very few problems with either Epson or the other generic cartridges. I just went to eBay and one of my suppliers has Epson 9600 cartridges for about $25 each. You could certainly give them a try at that price. I have not hesitated to use them, specially with a printer that has seen so much ink go through it. Not sure if this helps.

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