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Thread: Finding tripods for Large Format is kinda hard (daunting)? Favorite LF tripod?

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    Re: Finding tripods for Large Format is kinda hard (daunting)? Favorite LF tripod?

    I've been using Manfrotto for many decades now, they're heavy and I've had a number of issues with things like the 2-stage center column and some of their leg locking mechanisms. I recently came into a Miller Lightweight II aluminum tripod (for CAD$20!), I was very impressed with Miller Canada who had parts in stock at very reasonable prices and lightning-fast shipping for the 1 small problem it had. I may have a new tripod for 8x10, just waiting for my bowl adapter to arrive. It is much lighter than the comparable Manfrotto and quite close to the 1 no-name carbon fiber tripod I have, while being much sturdier. I'll make a string to hold the legs if I'm on slippery ground, I don't see the need to buy their spreader kit or carry chains around. It has the hooks I need for a strap, too.

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    Re: Finding tripods for Large Format is kinda hard (daunting)? Favorite LF tripod?

    OK, let me beat this horse some more. I get the fact that 8x10 requires sturdier tripod due to its mass. Sure, one can use CF, wood, alum, etc. for support. I think lighter is better....and although I have nothing against Ries or hefty sticks, one can stabilize the lens & camera by attaching one of those magic arms, since none of us is trying to catch action (?) at Indy 500 or using it for BIF. Granted the movement of the camera is restricted, but...


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    Re: Finding tripods for Large Format is kinda hard (daunting)? Favorite LF tripod?

    but .... indeed. What about spongy ground, wind gusts, slippery spots? Sometimes there is just no substitute for bully mass. Glad I took along the big Ries yesterday. Sure, my CF option would have easily handled the weight per se, and even with ample rigidity. But due to the relatively constant onshore wind gusts, my success ratio of unblurred shots would probably have been undermined. The cold wind is outright howling today, nearly all day long. Typical June weather here.

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