Can understand that 8X10s require mo' heavier than 4X5.... so maybe a Reiss or Surveyor's type of tripod is required. However, thankfully with no more than a 4X5, I'm very happy with a RRS - but not because of the brand, but because of the weight. Personally, I find ALL tripods are too expensive. I would almost reverse the discussion and begin with the tripod head you plan to use or think you need and work backwards from there. I think the head matters more... and highly highly highly recommend a geared head (Manfrotto 410 as a start) for the stability of the adjustment process - especially as the poundage of the camera rises. I bought one used from KEH for a huge discount off new (maybe $150?), and would then couple it with a used tripod to mount it on. Tin Can's right in that we all buy a lot of the wrong stuff. So start used and make mistakes at a fraction of the cost, and then when you know what you like and don't about your gear - fix the problems from a base of experience. I didn't, and my wallet now has a fairly low opinion of its owner. The point of opinions on this forum is a challenge to NOT make our mistakes but each of us has a different tale of woe. Like the old adage: "Wisdom is learned through experience, but most of the experience that teaches is bad." Truth is there are many right solutions, but more that aren't.