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Thread: Which Sinar shutter is this?

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    Which Sinar shutter is this?

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	213403. New to Sinar I realize Iím gonna have to find a release cable and it looks like Iím going to have to repair the X sync. It appears to be missing? Also will this take DB lenses lensboards? Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Which Sinar shutter is this?

    It's the original Sinar Norma Shutter. I have four of these now and all the sync cords needed replacing.

    Great unit. The DB Shutter came along later.
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    Re: Which Sinar shutter is this?

    Thank You, They look simple to work on, I'm sure I will have more questions. It is at the house in VA and I am at a job in IL.

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    Re: Which Sinar shutter is this?

    The release cords for these shutters requires an exceptionally long throw. I think only the OEM shutter release cords have this long throw. They are very hard to find. I got mine for a reasonable price because it was included with a broken, for parts only, shutter. You can find short ones on eBay for a reasonable price. If anyone out there has one, I would be curious to know how well it works. I have heard of another person out there who was going to have a Jewelry craftsperson modify a shutter release to be used with the Sinar shutter. Unfortunately he posted no additional info as to how successful this was. Have heard multiple times that it is best to store them with the shutter open. Anyone out there confirm this? The one I acquired was very sluggish. For a fixed price KEH repaired it. I also sent them the "broken, for parts only, shutter", but they returned it telling me it was unrepairable (at no additional cost). The one I have I use very infrequently. When I do use it, I first fire it slowly a few times to "loosen" it up. After a few firings, it consistently fires accurately. Double checked this with a shutter tester. As Daniel posted "all the sync cords needed replacement"... had the same experience years ago. Presently the sync cord has stopped working, but since I do not use studio flashes any more, not worth being fixed.

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    Re: Which Sinar shutter is this?

    GebrŁder Schreck in Germany can make those release cables, but they are not on their e-shop. They cost 69 € and are excellent!
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