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Thread: Masking software

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    Masking software

    Hi All - I am working on a couple of projects (both B/W) for clients that will require some "heavy lifting" to bring out some shadow details. One is primarily music/club photography, the other is a photjournalist's archive. Is there software to enhance shadow detail, or an action in PS that would accomplish this? I am getting reasonable results now, but would like to see more in the shadows. Thanks.
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    Re: Masking software

    Have you looked into luminosity masking?

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    Re: Masking software

    Make a duplicate of the background layer. Run the shadows/highlights filter on that layer. Change the setting to 0 highlight, 0 shadow. The defaults are way too strong most of the time. Now bump the shadow value up 1 point at a time until you get where you want. Apply the filter. Use a layer mask to paint in the effect,a luminosity mask, blendIF limit the effect to areas where you want it.
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