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Thread: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

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    Re: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

    Omega digital timer. It has an outlet for a dual pedal foot switch - one for timer, and one for focus. I almost exclusively use the focus pedal for printing with a metronome. I find timing dodges and burns easier with it. For reallllly long exposures, I'll use the timer, which goes down to tenths of a second. I use it with my Leitz V35 and Devere 504. Downside to this timer ? it's $$ for a used one, if you can even find one...sigh
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    notch codes ? I only use one film...

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    Re: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

    while I like the controller for my Multigrade 500 head, I miss the simplicity of an old school timer. I learned printing working in bursts of 3-4 seconds and could change filters between increments. IE Grade 0 for 6 seconds (2x3) , grade 5 9 seconds (3x3), burn upper corners and top 2x 3 seconds. I could get really focused on dodge and burn areas for those 3 second increments vs an overall 15 seconds. A foot pedal helps keep your hands free.

    RH Designs makes some amazing products so would not hesitate to get one of their timers for any head. The also have analyzers which get you in the print time ballpark much quicker.
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    Re: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

    Kearsarge 403 for my Omega enlarger with an Aristo Variable Contrast Head. A couple of Gra Lab 300 timers. Also have a Kearsarge 301 which I used before I got the Kearsarge 403.

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    Re: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

    I use two LEKTRAs, a vertical TM-8 and a "desktop" TM 763. Have used LEKTRAs since probably around the late 1970s. Never really liked or used foot pedals. Setting and changing the times setting has become second nature to me, to the point of not usually having to look at the knob settings. The TM-8 is connected to a Leitz Focomat V35, and the TM 763 to a 4x5 DURST Laborator Ce 1000.
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    Re: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

    Quote Originally Posted by Tin Can View Post
    Love the Time-O-Lite

    but I have 3 that don't work!

    and that's why I have 3, they are so cool..................................................................looking
    I have three as well. Two are the older metal ones where the needle returns to the pointer position after the exposure is complete. Those both work fine. My third one is the later plastic one and the pointer moves to the set time at the start of exposure (when the button is pressed). Sometimes the needle doesn’t make it all the way to the set time on that one so I get an incorrect exposure. That one doesn’t get used very much.

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    Re: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

    I use an old Spiratone timer, which replaced one of the little ones with a dial that I don't remember well. I found a listing for the Spiratone on eBay! It makes me remember those dense ads in the back of photo magazines! For process timing, I'm using an Amazon Echo with a black box over it: "Alexa, set a timer for 8 and a half minutes!" I was using it as backup to an old GraLab, then the GraLab stopped working.
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    Re: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

    Quote Originally Posted by Ulophot View Post
    The Zone VI compensating enlarging timer is one of the best investments I have ever made. We have only window air-conditioners in the summer, and the timer evens out the power fluctuations that used to drive me batty. Whenever my cold light head finally gives out, I am only hopeful that, unless another becomes suddenly available, someone by then will have started producing a moderately priced LED diffusion head that either uses the same sensor apparatus, or doesn't need one.
    I have already designed and built an alternative to the Zone VI development timer. Those moderately handy could build their own:

    I too worry about what's going to happen when my Zone VI VC head bites the dust. I've already been looking at possible ways to
    build my own using LEDs. The technology is definitely available, it's the time to design and build a prototype that is daunting.

    Heiland does make an all-LED model but the 4x5 model is $1800-ish.
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    Re: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

    Zone VI compensating timer rigged to the VC ZVI head sitting on my Beseler 45MXT chassis, & an ancient Time-O-Lite that manages my Durst 138.

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    Re: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

    Metrolux II integrating timer. 2 channels, works with any light source, requires a photo cell, I have Zone VI VC heads with factory cells. Closed loop system.

    I've used a Gralab 451 and 450. For me the 450 is easier, doesn't have all the advanced features.

    I've used Time O Light , bullet proof. Doesn't have the resolution of the digital timers, but if you get a good clean example, it will last forever.

    Finally I have two Beseler 45MX units mounted with the finicky Beseler Universal 45 head. Three color RGB, three lamps, two different controllers, one for color one for VC black and white. They work great but be warned there's not any support and they are finicky. Kevin Brown at KHB in Canada can work on these, but it won't be cheap. When mine go I will go back to a ordinary Beseler 45S colorhead with a Gralab 450.

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    Re: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

    Several MetroLux, of course. For over 30 years with cold lights and now with LEDs.

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