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Thread: Tools for cutting darkslides?

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    Re: Tools for cutting darkslides?

    Reminds me of the cartoon of the old dog...."Back in my day I only had one toy, and it was a stick..."

    I have hacksaw blades -- don't need to go out and buy fancy stuff I don't need. The one I did for 11x14 (printed a few 5.5x14 platinums last night) has a little more of an organic edge if you study it hard enough.

    Actually, I used a coping saw instead of a hacksaw. I'm not a hacker...I just play one around the house...
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    Re: Tools for cutting darkslides?

    I would think an experienced woodsman like you would go out and find a petrified log with carbide-jawed termites in it, sober one up so it can walk a straight line, and let him have a go on the sheet metal.

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    Re: Tools for cutting darkslides?

    I used the glass cutter/scriber attachment on my mat cutter.

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    Re: Tools for cutting darkslides?

    Cut mine with a few passes using a Plexiglass cutter/Scoring Tool and a straight edge.

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    Re: Tools for cutting darkslides?

    I use a heavy duty guillotine style paper cutter. It cuts very similar to cutting heavy card stock.
    Newly made large format dry plates available! Look:

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    Re: Tools for cutting darkslides?

    utility knife works fine but the paper cutter makes a nicer edge.

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    Re: Tools for cutting darkslides?

    Thanks for all the suggestions--I'm now fairly confident that I can manage the operation with digits/appendages intact.

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