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Thread: Interviewing a photographer for class

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    Interviewing a photographer for class


    My name is Zach and I'm in a senior project class for Photography at Northeastern University. We have an assignment where we have to interview a professional photographer about their experiences and their body of work, and I was wondering if anyone was aware of any photographers in the Boston or near-Boston area who would be willing to sit down with a student and discuss their work. It wouldn't be a long interview, probably half an hour, maybe an hour tops. I'd also need a picture of the photographer in their workspace (just a fast crappy jpeg, nothing fancy. it's required for the assignment).

    Anyway, we don't HAVE to pick a large format photographer, but I figured this is supposed to be a good experience for me both educationally and professionally and I think I would get the most out of it by interviewing a large format photographer since that's where my interest lies most.

    Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions, replies, or ideas. It's greatly appreciated.



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    Interviewing a photographer for class

    Zach, I expect your mailbox to be flooded with offers to sit down with you for an interview. Some photogs even might offer to do an on-line version, mailing you not a crappy jpeg but a nicely scanned tranny of their studio. This is a good opportunity for them to get a message out to high school students that LF is what has always been missing in their lives. Or isn't it?

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    Interviewing a photographer for class

    I believe Nicholas Nixon lives and teaches in Boston, or vicinity. A very well-respect LF photographer, if you could get him to participate.

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    Interviewing a photographer for class

    Elsa Dorfman is in the Boston area. probably has a contact number.

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    Interviewing a photographer for class

    Zach -

    Have you ever heard of Neal Rantoul?

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    Interviewing a photographer for class

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the replies already.

    I'm working on finding Nicholas Nixon's email address. I'd looked last week, because I'm familiar with his work, but didn't turn anything up. I'm sure if I look harder I can find it. His work is incredible and he would be perfect.

    Thanks also for the Elsa Dorfman suggestion. I will look her up and get in contact with her soon as well.

    And Louie, thanks for the recommendation of Neal Rantoul. I'm a big fan of his work too, but there's one little problem...

    He's the teacher who assigned this. :-D

    Thanks again.

    -Zach :-)

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    Interviewing a photographer for class

    Zach - try Mass. College of Art I think it is, where he teaches part time

    (I think he lives in Brookline?)
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    Interviewing a photographer for class

    Zach, sorry I called you a high school student, a small misreading.

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    Interviewing a photographer for class

    Zack if you travel a little farther from Boston to Vermont there is Richard Ritter. He body of work would be a bit different. In that his body of work would include cameras and photo equipment he worked on or designed. For info on him go to

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    Interviewing a photographer for class

    Zach, Check out Michael Hintlian (email who publishes quite a bit locally, as well as nationally. His 10-year project on Boston Big Dig construction focusing on the men and women construction workers down in the trenches and holes and tunnels (very dark !) culminated on a beautiful B&W photography book "Digging" last year. Here's a relatively recent WGBH program on him. He also teaches at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School practically next door to Northeastern. A very approachable guy with a big, great heart. I think he works mostly in 35mm B&W.


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