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Thread: Stitching Panos in the Darkroom

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    Re: Stitching Panos in the Darkroom

    When photographing for stitched panoramas, if there are elements in the subject that are both close to and far from the camera, the camera should be rotated around its entrance pupil. This is fairly close to the center of the lens except in retrofocus and telephoto lenses. With longer telephoto lenses and the camera pivoted around the entrance pupil, the tripod can be tilted towards the subject and the head leveled for improved stability.

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    Re: Stitching Panos in the Darkroom

    Quote Originally Posted by Conrad . Marvin View Post
    If you set up the camera on the tripod correctly the image will not change from side when you pivot to the next section. The tripod Must be leveled perfectly and the pivot point is in the center of the lens. With an Ebony 4x5 I was able to use lenses from 75mm- 210mm. Longer would be possible but very unstable on the tripod. The images will line up.
    Ah sorry, I thought the OP was talking about copying flat artwork. Sure a pano shot in the field should align, especially if you rotate around the lens' nodal point, or close to it.

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