Sorry for my comment, not really

but if the picture is always upside down

these dang computers should stay out of Darkrooms

I am also guilty as I use two 555 Timers for gas burst processing

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I did not reprogram the Sonoff, just put it in DIY mode and added it to my Wi-Fi network with the procedure in the PDF.
For programming my Sonoff R3 you don't need a USB connection but can reprogram it over Wi-Fi.
Also in this device there is no connector for this USB device, just the holes in the PDB.
For now I first will see if it causes delays without reprogramming otherwise of course I will follow that path.

Here a pic of the tablet with my enlarger. The Sonoff is not visible on the picture.
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Strange the picture is upside down. Also when rotated 180 degrees it still stays upside down.