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Thread: Flutots Shutter Repair

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    Flutots Shutter Repair

    After dealing with some personal issues in 2020, I am pleased to report that Carol Flutot is back in the saddle accepting shutter CLA and repair work.

    Carol just worked on two spare Copal #3 shutters for me doing a CLA and as usual, her work is exemplary at a very reasonable price.

    I highly recommend her skill set for all parties interesting in shutter work. Carol does a fabulous job and is a wonderful person worth of our patronage.

    Carol Flutot
    P.O.Box 2453
    Sante Fe Springs, CA. 90670

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    Re: Flutots Shutter Repair

    That's good news.

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    Re: Flutots Shutter Repair

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    Re: Flutots Shutter Repair

    Great news

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    Re: Flutots Shutter Repair

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    Re: Flutots Shutter Repair

    I read the title of this thread and was holding my breath...
    So good to hear good news!

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    Re: Flutots Shutter Repair

    Thank you for the update.
    "We work in the dark, we do what we can, we give what we have."
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