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Thread: Burke & James 5x7

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    Re: Burke & James 5x7

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    ... Lastly he told me to put the slightest drop of something in the hole before re-inserting the screw, unfortunately that was 50+ years ago and I don't remember what the liquid? was.
    I use a product called Wood Swell and Lock, bought many years ago, probably no longer on the market. Does the trick. This appears to be what's currently available, Mohawk Swel-Lock:


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    Re: Burke & James 5x7

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Bedo View Post
    when I had my B&J and took it out of the house and into the field, I REVERSED the camera body on the bed so that the track folded up over the front standard. I felt that that protected the lens when packing
    Interesting... when I acquired my NOS 8x10 B&J Commercial view camera in the mid 1970s, that's the way it came packed to me. Until now I thought that that was the way it was sold, but now looking at my 1962 B&J catalog, the extension in towards the rear of the camera. We learn something every day....

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    Re: Burke & James 5x7

    Identical Burke & James. I have a 5x7 B&J Commercial View camera that was gifted me for Christmas. Im going to replace the bellows and handle and clean it up. It came with a Goerz Dagon 210 lens in nice shape. Im doing my research now. Id really like to know what the years of manufacturing were for that particular model. Id like to have a general idea of when the camera was made. Have you learned anything in that regard?

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    Re: Burke & James 5x7

    A friend has stripped and refinished six or seven of the B&J gray woodies. All had beautiful wood under the paint. Some pieces not perfectly matched but when stripped and refinished they looked very nice. On the screws a wood hardener dropped into the holes can work well.
    These were workhorse cameras and you should get some fine images with it.
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    Re: Burke & James 5x7

    Some like to strip their cameras but I like the utilitarian grey finish on my nearly mint Grover 5x7. I need to get out more with it.

    B&J 5x7 Commercial View Camera by JOHN EARLEY, on Flickr
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