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Thread: Are you shooting more than one format

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    Are you shooting more than one format

    Hello together,

    Not sure where to post this, so I went with the camera forum. I was wondering if you are shooting more than one format. The reason I do ask is because I have one Bessa I lightweight 6x9 folder, a 6x9 back for 4x5 cameras along with a Sinar and I have now got myself a 5x7 Horseman in order to be able to produce decent size contact prints ( and I am pretty impressed with the ground glass image - it appears significantly bigger than on 4x5 ). Now I am wondering if I should keep the possibility to shoot 4x5 ( and 6x9 roll film ) on the Horseman ( not that difficult, bellows and bag bellows from Sinar can be "reused" ). My processing on the roll film is scanning with Epson V850, so the LF are the ones that are planned for contact printing. Just wondering what your experience is, if you stick to only one format or do more ( I also have a 6x6 TLR on it's way, just because I like the view finder and it should work better for critical focus when portability is needed ).

    Regards, Stefan

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    Re: Are you shooting more than one format

    35mm, 4x4cm, 6x6cm, 4x5, 5x7, Whole Plate...working on getting an 8x10.

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    Re: Are you shooting more than one format

    iPhone, Digi FF, 4X4, 6X6, 6X7, 6X8, 6X9, 6X17, 2x3, 3X4, 4X5, 5X7, 8X10, 11X14, 7X17, 14X17

    Postcard Plate, 1/4 plate, 1/2 plate

    20X24, 14X36 in progress

    I started late and need to catch up

    you can have my camera when you pry it from my cold dead hands

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    Re: Are you shooting more than one format

    I shoot iPhone, SX-70, 35mm, 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9, 4x5, and 8x10. Don't use all formats all the time...just quite a bit of hardware collected over nearly 50 years of photography. I enjoy each format for different reasons.

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    Re: Are you shooting more than one format

    6x6, 6x9, 6x17, 4x5, 5x7, 5x12 and 8x10. Primarily 5x12 and 8x10. I gave up my 7x17 when i was 90.
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    Re: Are you shooting more than one format

    I shoot all formats, but tend to not mix them during a shoot or faze... Can be confusing to my (mental) focus...

    Often so much so, I forget to take some snaps with my fone or point & shoot of my LF set-up or shot for my reference... :-(

    Steve K

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    Re: Are you shooting more than one format

    Haven't shot anything smaller than 4x5 in several years now, slowly liquidating equipment for smaller formats to free up space and money. Nothing larger than 8x10 because I can't afford film and lenses and can't carry an 11x14 kit in the field. And I get discouraged when I spend a day out in the swamp with my lf gear and the 2 or 3 snapshots I took with my phone come out better than my lf shots.

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    Re: Are you shooting more than one format

    About the only 35mm film I use is in a panoramic camera. Otherwise (at various times) 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x9, 5x4, 8x5, 4x10, 8x10. The latter three on an 8x10 camera. It's all down to how the size/weight/portability/subject balance works out. These are all rangefinder/direct vision, or ground glass focusing. I do not do well with SLR focusing these days.

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    Re: Are you shooting more than one format

    4x5, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 12x20 large format. Rarely use small and medium formats.

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    Re: Are you shooting more than one format

    I only shoot 8x10, 11x14, 8x20 and 14x17...... all cameras that I've built myself.

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