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Thread: Studio lights for a hack

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    Re: Studio lights for a hack

    First, you need to know how much light you'll need, i.e. what'll give you the shutter speed and aperture that you want to shoot at with whatever film you pick. You'll need much less light to shoot at f/4, where you'll have very narrow depth of field, than at f/22. You can always turn bright light down, but if you don't have enough power.... Well, you can resort to really long shutter speeds or multiple flash pops, but that assumes that your subject isn't moving, or you don't care if there's subject movement.

    For portraits, continuous lights can be difficult on your subjects, if they get too bright. F/22, 1/25th, ei 100 would need a lot of light! This is a bit of a standard for led lights, not too dinky, pretty bright, decent quality, but not pro-level gear:

    Flash would be much cheaper. Personally, the best bang for the buck is Godox. I use their lithium battery speed lights for portraits. Speed lights don't have modeling lights, and so you have to know what you're doing. Studio strobes will have modeling lights, the brighter the better. can go battery powered, which is very convenient, as you get rid of long cords, and you can work away from AC power. On the other hand, battery power usually means a less bright modeling light, and there might also be a time limit on how long the light can stay on.

    Here's an interesting looking Godox:

    Here's a photo taken with 3 Godox speedlights in small soft boxes:

    A good site to learn more is A more educational site is the strobist.

    If you get softboxes, get all the same brand an age. Otherwise their color temp can vary.
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    Re: Studio lights for a hack

    Thanks all, great to see the help!

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