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Thread: Dry Glass Plate Hanger Usage

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    Dry Glass Plate Hanger Usage

    As some know traditional Developing Hangers are called Film & Plate Hangers

    I found KODAK Hangers work best with film, as they drain better than other ancient iterations

    Has anybody used these hangers with J Lane Dry Plates?

    I have not yet as I have been processing Dry Glass Plates one at a time and only shooting one at a time

    don't wait for my answer, as I am now using Postcard plates that seem to have no hangers for them


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    Re: Dry Glass Plate Hanger Usage

    I've been souping my own glass plates in kodak hangers for a couple years now. Like film, if you're only doing one or 2, tray is fine. Beyond that it gets tedious and I switch to hangers and tank.

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    Re: Dry Glass Plate Hanger Usage

    I was making my own plates for a while and found it very useful to develop the plates in a tray then put them into hangers for the wash. I found that the Kodak hangers were always best, but others could sometimes be “altered “ enough to be used.

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