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Thread: Wollensak 9.5" f4.5 Velostigmat Series II Lens

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    Wollensak 9.5" f4.5 Velostigmat Series II Lens

    I recently acquired a nice Graflex SLR Series D camera. It has a B & L 4x5 f4.5 lens.

    What do you guys (and dolls) think about trying a 9.5" Wolley Velo II on it?

    Would it work? Would I need to make adjustments for the larger lens? Or can I just get a lens board to fit it?

    Thanks for your help and or advice.


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    Re: Wollensak 9.5" f4.5 Velostigmat Series II Lens

    It would be a lovely lens for portraiture if it fits on the lensboard. You might be a little restricted on close-ups because of bellows extension, but you could always make an extended lensboard for another couple inches or so, which might also help with getting the oversize lens on an undersized lensboard.
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    Re: Wollensak 9.5" f4.5 Velostigmat Series II Lens

    One issue that sometimes comes up is how far does the rear of the lens protrudes from rear lensboard, where it might hit the swinging mirror... Remove lensboard, swing mirror about half way, and take a ruler and measure from mirror to where lensboard sits is camera...

    Another thing that comes up is some longer/large diameter lenses can be "shaded" on the image inside of camera causing falloff at some different bellows (paticularly vertical) settings due to internal obstructions when using longer than normal FL's... Sometimes they do, and sometimes not with other lenses and f settings...

    There are some workarounds...

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    Re: Wollensak 9.5" f4.5 Velostigmat Series II Lens

    Velostigmats are very nice Tessars. I have a 7.25 inch and a 12 inch.

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