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Thread: Is There a Plan for Future

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    Re: Is There a Plan for Future

    Tin Can

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    Re: Is There a Plan for Future

    Quote Originally Posted by Tin Can View Post
    Yes, one needs to be careful about defending against malicious use of such tools.

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    Re: Is There a Plan for Future

    As Oren has stated, the site is routinely and properly backed up, and lives in a server that follows fully redundancy principles. We’ve had a number of crashes and corruptions and hardware failures over the years, from which we have recovered. Tom Westbrook does most of that, but the server itself is managed by Brian Reid, so there is some breadth on the bench in addition to depth.

    The mods have full administrative rights, so in a real disaster, we’d be able to make something happen. That spreads it to three more of us, all of whom are capable of learning what needs to be learned at need.

    Neil’s description of Tuan’s relationship to the forum is right on. If need be, Tuan could transition to any of us at the drop of a hat, but he has other options, too, and that is entirely his decision. I will say that I still fund and support the Kiev Report, which used to be the place where second-world cameras were discussed. I took that over from the previous owner who had lost interest. Most of those cameras don’t work any more and the forum is down to a handful of posts a year. But I keep it alive for the resource. At some point, the only people who would be interest won’t actually need it, and it may be at that point already.

    So, the sustainability of the forum is at least as good as the sustainability of large format photography.

    Rick “more worried about always changing browser and internet standards killing forum software” Denney

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    Re: Is There a Plan for Future

    I'm more worried about the solar burst than anything else. western society is gonna be useless without our brain boxes, and satellite powered life support.
    and worst of all, Jonny Depp will be stuck in the internet.

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