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Thread: 2021 Monitor Suggestions

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    2021 Monitor Suggestions

    About time for me to get a new monitor

    I have been using 2012 ASUS PA238Q Pro Art Series 23" 1080p Pre-Calibrated LCD since 2012

    We last discussed this device at that time

    My 2017 49" Samsung Series 8 is a very good TV and I have used it as monitor, but does not fit on my desk, it could but I think it's too big that close

    All suggestions and discussion please

    I don't play computer games, ever! Never have.

    I do simple video edits, Photoshop and a lot of online research

    I run WIN 10 on i7, SSD drives, 32mb ram with Nvidia GeForce GTX 750

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    Re: 2021 Monitor Suggestions

    The very best have always been the Eizo CG-series (ColorGraphic), very closely followed by certain NEC's (search for NEC). But I've heard or read that Dell and BenQ have caught up in recent years. They're way cheaper and probably more than good enough for your needs. Perhaps other people here can chime in.

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    Re: 2021 Monitor Suggestions

    I purchased a 24" BenQ last year that currently sells for $399 from B&H, and I think that it's an excellent monitor. I have the X-Rite I1 Display Pro Colorimeter that works well with the BenQ software. It was an easy matter to both calibrate and profile the monitor. The software automates adjusting the monitor colors to standard.

    The specs indicate that the monitor is capable of displaying 99% Adobe RGB, 10-bit color, and has a 14-bit lookup table. To obtain the 14-bit lookup table though, one needs to calibrate/profile the monitor using the BenQ software, versus using other systems. During the process, one also needs to specify a lookup table (versus a matrix strategy). I always opt for the maximum number of color patches. I was told by B&H at the time, that BenQ manufactures their own screens, whereas NEC (for example) uses 3rd party screens.

    From my perspective, this is high quality for a reasonable price. I'm sure pleased with mine.

    Here's a link to the monitor on the B&H site . . .

    I wanted the SW240 for its convenient size. But B&H also carries a SW270 (27") graphics quality monitor that sells well.

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