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Thread: Drum Scanning recommendation

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    Drum Scanning recommendation

    I am in the Boston area and I do the occasional raw Imacon scan job for $15 each (600 Meg of less). You don't like, you don't pay. Raw means the only adjustment is for black and white points (no sharpening, no color correction, no digital spotting). My philosophy is that anything else is best done in Photoshop anyway. Contact me off-list if interested.

    - Phong

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    Drum Scanning recommendation

    Thanks folks. The client "knows a guy", so it's out of my hands on this one, but I'm sure it will come up again.

    ""a photolab named "Colorlab"? Isn't that almost worse than no advice at all?""
    "MUCH worse than no advice at all--" Indeed! Much worse. Stories about that place could fill a book. Certainly gave me a healthy skepticism towards all pro labs. Happily the place has been consigned to the dustbin of history.

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    Drum Scanning recommendation

    I'll add another vote for Danny Burk. His work is of the highest quality and you can call or email him directly rather than deal with a business front.


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    Drum Scanning recommendation

    I will also recommend Danny Burk.
    Joseph Kayne
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    Drum Scanning recommendation

    I would go with Danny Burk also on scanning.

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    Re: Drum Scanning recommendation

    Let me add my recommendation of Danny Burk. He did a great job on my 4x5 negs with a very quick turnaround.

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    Re: Drum Scanning recommendation

    I'm near Philadelphia, and have been runing a Screen 8060 drum scanner for about 5 years, and the smaller 1045 for 5 years before that. The 8060 goes up to 12,000SPI native optical resolution, runs modern"ish" software, and is one of the best scanners ever made. Check it out here: or
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    Re: Drum Scanning recommendation

    I don't have any experience with them, but when I was searching for drum scanning services in the Boston area, I came across Singer Editions in Boston, which advertises drum scanning on their website

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    Re: Drum Scanning recommendation

    Using this thread.

    I want to try and print some of my images.
    And I want to get the best out of them.
    I, myself have an Epson V800, but in my search to get the most out of it I was considering to Drum scan for once.
    Would you reccommend it? To see the difference?

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    Re: Drum Scanning recommendation

    There is or was a lab in Providence named Colorlab. I used them a lot when I lived down there, they were trustworthy. Never know if a lab is still around. From Google: Colorlab Practical Imaging. 1 Silver Spring St, Providence, RI 02904. (401) 272-4550.
    Worth a phone call, still can't tell if they are still opened.

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