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Thread: Best material to 3D print lens boards etc

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    Best material to 3D print lens boards etc

    Hi all,

    As I want to print a 45mm recessed lens board, now Iím also thinking to print all of my lens boards with a 3D printer.

    What is the best material to print? ABS, PETG, etc ?

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    Re: Best material to 3D print lens boards etc

    If you have access to the various materials, you might try printing a lens board with each and comparing. My guess is that ABS would be the most durable. Make sure to test for opacity.
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    Re: Best material to 3D print lens boards etc

    I guess this article may be pertinent to 3D printing

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    Re: Best material to 3D print lens boards etc

    I had a Sinar lens board 3D-printed in PLA by which is supposed to be a bit stronger than PETG according to the eBay-supplier. It's an exact match 100% to the Sinar boards in every way but the lens board flexes outwards in the middle when I lock it onto the front standard - even without a lens mounted. I even doubt it would be light proof. No more plastic lens boards for me!

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    Re: Best material to 3D print lens boards etc

    I use PLA. Its just fine, as long as you print at 100% density (solid plastic, no air spaces). Not all black filament is opaque unless you print solid.

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    Re: Best material to 3D print lens boards etc

    I do not have ay expertise with 3D priting or design.

    The characteristics that seem important in my mind are opacity and rigidity.

    Please let us all know how this works out fior you.
    Drew Bedo

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    Re: Best material to 3D print lens boards etc

    I have had success with black PETG at 30% infill -- the majority of my lens boards are such.

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    Re: Best material to 3D print lens boards etc

    This raises the question of what’s the best 3D printer for home use. I suppose it should take several types of materials.

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    Re: Best material to 3D print lens boards etc

    Another vote for PETG. PLA will be slightly easier to print, and harder-- but it's also a bit more brittle, and more likely to melt if left in a car in the summer.

    PETG will have a slight amount of flexibility, but is very tough, and can take higher temps without deforming.

    ABS tends to shrink, which means you need to print slightly over-size, and keep a constant temperature throughout the print, or as it cools unevenly, it will shrink unevenly, and curl. It also stinks worse than the others when printing. A good ABS print is a great print, but it's far more difficult to print well than the other two.

    I printed a lens board more for test purposes, but it's more than solid enough to hold my Caltar-S II 210mm f/5.6 lens.

    As for opacity, the black PETG filaments are usually opaque. I think I printed mine at 0.2mm layer height, 30% infill.
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    Re: Best material to 3D print lens boards etc

    Yet another vote for PETG. I printed mine as Grat, and added a layer of flat black paint on the inside of the board prevent internal reflections. Printed plastic can be pretty shiny.

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