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Thread: Dark cloths on ebay

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    Re: Dark cloths on ebay

    My dark cloth is light and simple. The material: black inside and white out. The material was about $12 and all I have to do is hem the edges - easy peasy. Not sure, but it may even cover 8x10....and I may have overpaid :>).


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    Re: Dark cloths on ebay

    I use an old Zone VI dark cloth that is white on one side, dark grey (used to be black) on the other, with some weights at the corners. Kind of heavy, but generally it stays in place.

    I had an exception though, end of January on a very windy day when I had to keep a hand on the tripod so it wouldn't blow over, the dark cloth flew away and was going straight down the street 12 feet in the air!

    After laying the camera on the ground, I ran off after it and fortunately got it back. Also fortunately, it was early Sunday morning, almost no traffic.

    I'm going to look at a lighter velcro'd solution next.

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    Re: Dark cloths on ebay

    After using an inexpensive piece of black cloth that was too small, too hot in the summer, full of lint and not really dark enough, I ordered an eTone dark cloth for my 8x10. It is black on one side, light grey on the other side and has velcro and elastic on one end. It's a double layer fabric, which is breathable and water proof. So far it works better than I expected. I like the fact that it's waterproof because the inevitable dirt and mud easily brushes off.
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    Re: Dark cloths on ebay

    I just use an old black t-shirt.
    The cost has been amortised over a long time already, and its next stop would have been for workshop use, so gets diverted to the camera department.
    Reminds me, I need more Ts.

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