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Thread: Dark cloths on ebay

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    Re: Dark cloths on ebay

    Recently, I don't order clothes on eBay, it just happened to me that when I ordered things for myself, I received the wrong product four times. Of the four items, only two were returned to me. I try to look for things in online stores. If I am looking for clothes, then in a special online store. For example, recently, I decided to make a gift to my wife and ordered a weighted duvet. She gets cold at night, so she's always wrapped up in a few duvets. The product came to me two days later and everything was done clearly according to the list of my requirements.
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    Re: Dark cloths on ebay

    My dark cloth is light and simple. The material: black inside and white out. The material was about $12 and all I have to do is hem the edges - easy peasy. Not sure, but it may even cover 8x10....and I may have overpaid :>).


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