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Thread: Is it a linear progression between 90mm and 150mm?

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    Re: Is it a linear progression between 90mm and 150mm?

    Haha! Awesome!
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    Re: Is it a linear progression between 90mm and 150mm?

    Quote Originally Posted by Corran View Post
    Of course there are practical concerns, like cliffs or what have you.
    I find bulls in the pasture to be a practical concern.
    Rather too thrilling, in fact!
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    Re: Is it a linear progression between 90mm and 150mm?

    Gosh. I can remember being out on Wilbur Plaugher's ranch with his older son over a mile or two from the nearest fence, with the ground fog starting to lift, and one of his numerous ornery-bred rodeo Brahma bulls squinting our direction, getting down low on the ground and crawling toward the slightest dip or ravine in the field. Then over in Mrs. McKenzies's meadow below what is now the Table Mtn preserve, there was a furious black bull serving as watchdog in that meadow. I'd tempt it to charge my direction, then quickly scramble up a tree while my cousin on the other side of the meadow would make a little progress through it. Then it was his turn to tempt it while I ran up the meadow further. Back n' forth we'd go.

    Directly across the road from our property was a former sheepherder pasture of about 500 acres, with a single stunted scrub oak in the middle of it. The Fresno sky diving club liked to land in there, but without permission. So the owner put his meanest bull in there. I came home one day after some rock scrambling uphill to see seven skydivers all hanging onto that one little tree! The rancher just left them there until evening. Then he came in with two Jeeps. As the bull charged one of them, he'd ferry out a few guys at a time from that little tree with the other Jeep. That sure taught them a lesson, and they never returned.

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    Re: Is it a linear progression between 90mm and 150mm?


    I use to have to get from A to D... I could go A->B->C->D or take the direct A->D through the bull paddock... I'm sure the bull's name was Harry... "are ya feeling lucky.. punk".

    During part of the year, B->C was also fraught with danger... dive bombing territorial Magpies!

    The joys of living outside 'town'.

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