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Thread: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    @Greg: thank you! That’s a nice story. I had this one lying on a shelf for a couple of years as well and was in the process of selling it, ultimately freeing up some space and decluttering my „collection“ (hoard would say it better) of things I wanted to restore as soon as I got the time. I put my whole 5x7 gear on my living room table and remembered the time I put in buying and selling bits and parts to get this set and what I originally had planned to do. I thought I might as well get everything cleaned and in working order to maximize the value... it only took me three days to realize I wouldn’t be able to let it go any time soon.

    @Bob Salomon: thank you for the advice! Calming my impatience is the biggest struggle I have to overcome to achieve the best of my capabilities when I‘m working on restorations. Luckily enough this shutter already was marred up and the nails I used in my contraption are pretty soft. It’s safe to say I didn’t worsen anything. I already put the Rodenstock lens wrench on my wishlist though.

    @LabRat: the build quality of the Linhofs really is out of this world. Considering one is handling a well used 65 years old camera and after a thorough clean and lube everything works as smoothly as one could wish for... try that with an Iphone.
    Also that many of the parts are interchangeable within decades is stunning. I was super happy when I found out the new back would fit with absolutely no issues.

    I don’t know how many years are between the two backs

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    Came home to this today

    Comparison to the old bellows... looking fantastic

    I‘m on daddy duty today and the little one will take no excuses - so no installation today... I‘m biting my nails to get into the shop tomorrow

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    Finished the mounting of the bellows. The back is simply glued in with contact cement while the front is additionally fixed to the standart with a mounting plate.
    To make sure the holes align when I pressed the bellows to the standart I stuck toothpicks into the threads of the mounting plate feeding them through the adjacent screwholes in the standart. This also keeps the glue from gunking up the threads.

    After the glue up with a bit of pressure, I simply fixed the screws and she is done

    Next up is finishing the shutter of the 120, reevaluating the Rodenstock and measuring out the rotating back.

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    Going to be a real nice one!

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    Thank you for posting the very informative Linhof restoration process and the end result looks very good. I have just obtained a very used and abused Linhof Tecknica III 4 x5 and plan to work on its restoration as a winter project during lockdown. Thanks again.

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    You are very welcome! I‘ll document this further. I made dozens of pictures I didn’t show here due to the four picture limit, so if there’s any detail you‘re missing just ask...

    Today I completed the reassembly of the Compur shutter working my way backwards through my pictures. I can’t say how important it was for me as a first-timer to take as many as possible from every different angle and during every step along the way. There are so many springs that need to be locked into different places... if I hadn’t documented, I could have scrapped the whole thing right after disassembly.

    Still I do have a slight problem with the long exposures. While 10‘s, 5‘s and half seconds go off perfectly, the second always halts. Guess I‘ll have to take the timer out again and check. It was running fluidly out of the shutter after ultrasonic cleaning and I very (very) sparingly lubed the pivot holes with watchmakers oil.

    One stupid beginner‘s mistake happened to me as well... I managed to strip the black paint off the lid and aperture scale. I didn’t know they were brass and I added a splash of ammonia to the cleaning solution well, I can live with it.

    I‘ll add pics later, I was so consumed with the process today, I forgot to take any...

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    This is great! Thanks so much for sharing I enjoyed it very much. Do you have any tips or ideas on how to DIY your own cams? with the modern back will you need to re-cam or just move the infinity position?

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    The restoration is coming along beautifully.

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    This is one of the coolest threads on here - thank you for sharing so much! If someone had created one of these threads for rehabbing old Gowlandflexes I would be a lucky duck!

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