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Thread: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

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    Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration


    this is my first post on here asides my introduction so please bear with me...

    Over a couple of years I pieced together a very nice set I intend on restoring bit by bit. I have already done a 4x5 but this one is far more work so I might need some advice.

    The back is a modern one I salvaged off an old repro camera - this way I‘m not restricted to the metal film holders...

    The whole camera is gunked up in old grease, the movements are super sticky and the leather is badly worn so I started the disassembly. The body itself posed no problem but I‘m struggling with the front standart.

    Has anyone on here taken one apart? Or is there an exploded view of the Technika III? I found one for the V but it‘s entirely different...

    There’s a black disc on the bottom with two holes that seems to be the first screw to loosen but I‘d like to confirm before I start hacking away 😅

    Another question is if and if, what kind of grease I should use for the rails?

    Bests and thank you for reading,


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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    OK, maybe I‘m the first here trying to disassemble the front standart of a 5x7 Technika III... well I guess I‘ll have to figure it out myself.

    I decided to try some moly grease on the rails as soon as I get there.

    Anyway I do have some more pictures to show. I started refurbishing the leather. This camera has seen some use, there have been worn out patches everywhere, some tearouts and loose bits hanging off the body. While I‘m a sucker for patina this was a bit much to my taste.

    First I glued down all loose learher bits with leather glue (contact cement), then recolored the leather with black dye and sealed it off with gum tragacanth. This will hide the worn out spots and make the leather feel like new. It won’t fill any holes of course... I could have cut one or two patches from underneath the tripod mounting disc on the front flap but decided the damage wasn’t bad enough to do so



    Next thing to do is make a tool to unscrew the bottom of the standart... we‘ll see how that goes.

    Update: just ordered new bellows from custom bellows uk.
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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    I‘ll just go on, if nobody minds 😅

    Anyway, removing the bellows with a small knife.



    The little tool I made to unscrew the disc at the bottom of the standart

    There we go, all sticky with rotten, old grease...

    Now to disassemble everything within reason and onto some ultrasonic cleaning

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    A view of the dirt

    Ultrasonic cleaning (part barely fits)


    The old glue that held the bellows came off easily with acetone

    Now all the cleaned small parts are nicely organized in the plastic tray in the back and the parts on the paper are clean as well.
    I decided not to disassemble the front standart any further - I don’t have the right punches and there are spring loaded ball detents that I don’t want to send flying... this will make me scrub my hands off with toothbrush and cotton swabs but hey - thats the fun in it, right?

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    I'm following this with great interest.

    My 4x5 Technika III needs a new bellows.

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    Great! If you really just want to replace the bellows, this is pretty straight forward on a Technika... if you have any questions, I‘ll gladly answer to my knowledge

    edit: to finish off the day there’s a part I don’t know if I can repair it properly

    There’s a small magnifying index on the side of the front standart. It’s bent and shows a small fracture. If I‘d bend it back I‘m afraid to break it

    another glimpse at the small parts

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    As one who loves to tinker, thank you for showing all that you are doing to restore it.

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    You’re very welcome!

    A fun little detail:

    The four sliders that hold the back to the body and their respective grooves are numbered from 69 to 73 so each slider is fitted to a specific slot.

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    This is a great thread to follow, I have an even older Technika, and soon much time to inspect it better. Your pictures are helpful!
    I own the gear, but those don't make masterpieces. My everyday experience.

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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    @fotopfw Nice! If there are any details you need just ask...

    With the magic powers of „Elsterglanz“ (german equivalent to nevrdull) and copious amounts of elbow grease...

    ...the front standart is finally where I want it to be

    Quality control (bribable though)

    Another nice little detail. The bottom rails are replaceable and made of bronze

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