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Thread: 7x17 Chamonix vs Ritter vs x?

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    Re: 7x17 Chamonix vs Ritter vs x?

    Quote Originally Posted by Oren Grad View Post
    Among the Korona models, the 5x12, 7x17 and 8x20 were branded "Panoramic View" and the 12x20 was branded "Banquet Camera". There weren't multiple models with different features within each format.

    Thank you for correcting my post.

    I just confirmed your comments with regards to the sizes for the Korona Banquet ( and for the Panoramic View (

    Best wishes,


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    Re: 7x17 Chamonix vs Ritter vs x?

    Len - no worries! I have a 7x17 Korona and a 12x20 F&S. Whatever they're called, and even with their limitations compared to current models, they're wonderful cameras.

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