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Thread: Secure selling?

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    Re: Secure selling?

    In the old days before PayPal, I would only take a check for an item I was selling, if it was allowed to clear prior to shipping. Ditto any other type of payment: cashiers check, money order, postal order. (For some reason, some sellers will specifically not take postal orders.) For example, I've heard of people forging even cashiers checks.

    But in selling on the forum these days, it's almost always PayPal if I'm selling, and always PayPal if I'm buying. One upstanding forum member with whom I've dealt prefers sending a check, and we just let it clear.

    When buying, I always send the money via PayPal "for services and goods sold." This costs 2.8% (I think), and I usually add this cost in my transfer. This covers the buyer with the PayPal buyer protection plan. I package well, taking cell phone photos of the packaging process, and I always ship insured with signature required. (For certain amounts, this is required by PayPal.) And, I ship only to the seller's address specified on PayPal. I forget the details, but I had to open a case against a seller once, and PayPal decided the case in my favor.

    One very nice thing about PayPal, is that they cover the exchange rate when dealing with other countries. I never sell outside the U.S. But for example, if I'm getting a bellows from Custom Bellows in the U.K., it's really convenient to pay via PayPal.

    I grumbled when EBay, who owned PayPal at the time, required PayPal for payment. But once I got used to it, I would be reluctant to use any other form of payment.

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    Re: Secure selling?

    Quote Originally Posted by jdart3000 View Post
    Hello All -

    I hope this is the correct section to ask this question. If not, would the moderator please move it where it is best suited?

    When an individual sells a piece of equipment on this forum, how does the seller handle payment? I am only concerned with selling within the continental US. Would he/she require a certified bank check? Would she/he accept a personal check and then wait for it to clear before sending out the piece of equipment?

    I am asking this as someone who would be selling on a limited or one-time basis, not as a business. I do not have a business account to accept credit cards.

    I believe most people on this forum are honorable and wouldn't want to deceive or cheat anyone, but it does concern me when so much money and a valuable equipment are involved.

    I do appreciate any help or suggestions anyone might have,
    There is no universally good payment method other than paying cash in person after inspecting the item.

    PayPal mainly puts the seller at risk, via a "not as described" complaint, but also provides some seller protection for "unauthorized payment" claims. Money orders put the buyer at risk. With a check, it depends on whether the seller is honest, and whether they wait for it to clear before shipping. For non-reversible transfers (e.g. wire), the buyer is taking a chance.

    All that being said, it's likely that if you elect to refuse payment via Paypal, you will significantly reduce the pool of potential buyers.

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    Re: Secure selling?

    Thank you to everyone who responded so quickly and with such useful information. PayPal seems the way to go, it seems. I always used PayPal when buying, if offered, but I've never used it for selling - with money going the other way. I suppose I can modify my existing account to allow for selling items. I do not have a business - just have some items to sell.

    Thank you again,

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    Re: Secure selling?

    There is nothing to modify with your account. If you can send money, you can receive money. Well, you'll have to attach a bank account, which I suppose you might not have yet if you've only been sending money from a CC. You do not need a "business" account, and you won't have the proper TIN for a business account anyway.
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    Re: Secure selling?

    Paypal is a good service. USPS Money Orders are not what they used to be. There are stories of people having others intercept them, cash them, and the PO policy is that if it was cashed at an actual Post Office (even if fraudulently), they will NOT reimburse you when you discover it. What happened to a guy that just explained his story was someone got the money orders, washed them of the correct name/address, put their on it, took it to the PO. Once the PO cashes it, their policy is it's done, no liability to them. You have to go to the Police or Small Claims Court. Not worth it.

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    Re: Secure selling?

    In years past, I have occasionally sold an item on this site. I have never had a problem. I have had the buyer send me a chck or money order and shipped on reciept. This always worked for me in the past. Now I am set up with PayPal. I have sold off some more of my "stuff" lately with PP. That works pretty well too.

    For me, it was (and is) a matter of trust: I have a presence here and don't want folks to think ill of me. In the old dsys, I did two camera shows a year here in Houston. There was always a bit of "buyer beware" in the air there. . . .which is always a part of a gun show, camera show, watch show or whatever. E-Bay is another buy/sell venue where one must be careful and know what you want and what you are looking at.

    I have always perferred to purchase or sell in person. But that may become a long forgotten thing of th past.
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