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Thread: Secure selling?

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    Secure selling?

    Hello All -

    I hope this is the correct section to ask this question. If not, would the moderator please move it where it is best suited?

    When an individual sells a piece of equipment on this forum, how does the seller handle payment? I am only concerned with selling within the continental US. Would he/she require a certified bank check? Would she/he accept a personal check and then wait for it to clear before sending out the piece of equipment?

    I am asking this as someone who would be selling on a limited or one-time basis, not as a business. I do not have a business account to accept credit cards.

    I believe most people on this forum are honorable and wouldn't want to deceive or cheat anyone, but it does concern me when so much money and a valuable equipment are involved.

    I do appreciate any help or suggestions anyone might have,

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    Re: Secure selling?

    I think typically people use PayPal when buying and selling. I would certainly be very wary of taking a personal check. It always helps to check the age of the account/post history and there is the feedback forum if you are checking out a seller.

    There is always some risk, but I don’t believe there have been any major issues. The 30 day wait to access the buying and selling sections certainly helps.

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    Re: Secure selling?

    You can request a US Post Office money order and cash it at the post office before mailing your equipment.

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    Re: Secure selling?

    Paypal is the norm, but really, it's up to the buyer and seller to work it out however they are comfortable.
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    Re: Secure selling?

    Since I lost money due to P---al many years ago, I only use USPS money orders, whether buying or selling.

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    Re: Secure selling?

    Good luck getting most folks to send you checks / MO. Especially as a new member with no record or personal history on the site.

    Get a PayPal account.
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    Re: Secure selling?

    Postal Money Order is one the best aside pay pal. MO just takes longer... but MO as good as cash on the barrel head.

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    Re: Secure selling?

    I see that my banks are promoting something called Zelle, which is a way of transferring money. If your bank uses it, it may be a good way. I need to look into it more.

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    Re: Secure selling?

    Other good options are Venmo and cryptocurrencies like ETH and BTC. Crypto is especially useful for international transactions and much faster than wires, e.g. 15 minutes instead of days.

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    Re: Secure selling?

    I love cash, AKA real paper money

    I have gotten my best LF deals with cash on pickup

    PayPal second

    Never a bank cheque

    nor a personal check

    definity not digital crap

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