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Thread: What's your Go To LF body & lens?

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    Re: What's your Go To LF body & lens?

    Mostly 7x17 FnS w a 12" Dagor 80% of the time, the rest I use a 16.5" Artar.

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    Re: What's your Go To LF body & lens?

    Very instructive discussion.
    The only kit I have ready to go (backpacking) is a TOHO (4x5) with a Rodenstock 135mm and a 240mm Fujinon-A.
    Most of my photography work is done in Italy however, and my kit there is an Ebony SV57 (for both 5x7 and 4x5), Schneider 110mm Lens (always) and the rest depends on what I am planning to do - a 300mm Nikkor-M seems to be part of the kit almost always.

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    Re: What's your Go To LF body & lens?

    Quote Originally Posted by jdurr View Post
    I am trying to get a feel for this group's favorite LF body and lens for portraits and landscapes.
    Please state your everyday LF body & lens. A photo would be nice, too!
    I have not rad much of this thread, so this response may be redundant.

    There mare two threads on this forum where members may post images of their cameras.

    I, myself, use a Wista-made 4x5 Zone VI. The 4x5 kit includes a 90mm, a 150mm and a 210mm lens. My 8x10 Kodak 2D has an adapter likens board so the 150mm and the 210mm can be used on it. I am on the lookout for a vintage/antique brass lens for the 2D.

    Th 4x5 kit stays packed in a LowePro Magnum 35 shoulder bag as a Grab-And-Go shooting rig.

    Does any of this help?
    Drew Bedo

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    Re: What's your Go To LF body & lens?

    To add yet another opinion...
    5x7 Gandolfi “Precision”
    4x5 Ebony SVTi
    Lenses from 75mm - 480mm, some go with either depending upon how far and where I will carry my burden. I seem to use a slightly wide or slightly long lens for the format most often. (Never heard that before have you?) The cameras have been altered if needed rather than start again with something new, and lenses that never seemed to get used have been sold. I solved the never having the flange with the right thread by purchasing an old lathe....of course then I had to make the lathe do metric as well as English threads. That’s another forum.

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    Re: What's your Go To LF body & lens?

    Hand Held: Graflex Crown Graphic with native 4.7/135mm Xenar in Compur. Hand-in-glove lens/shutter. Wider view enables cropping, handy for hand held.

    Field: Intrepid MK4 4x5, mostly with Rodenstock Sironar N 5.6/210mm in Copal #1. Good value lens/shutter combo on good value camera.

    Studio: Sinar Norma 4x5, mostly with Fujinar 4.5/30cm (also Imagon 250mm in Copal #3). Essential with any lens in studio, particularly as I learn, is attending to lighting lighting lighting. Just landed a 5x7 back(!), so a longer barrel lens someday? Key to Norma/lens combos is that Sinar Copal Shutter. Possibilities abound.

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    Re: What's your Go To LF body & lens?

    I like to use a new camera every 6 weeks... here’s the current selection.

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