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Thread: New Katrina Images

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    New Katrina Images

    I continue to work through my Katrina images. These are interesting details from the 9th ward:

    I am also reprocessing the older previous images as I get time, so they are better suited for WWW display.

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    New Katrina Images

    You've forced me to drop the New Years Resolution about not saying anything here for a month.

    All of those images are nice--and I'm sure my viewing option doesn't do them justice--but that image of the bikes puts it in perspective for me.

    Nicely done.
    "I meant what I said, not what you heard"--Jflavell

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    New Katrina Images

    Have you seen Robert Polidari's "The Waste Land" portfolio in the Jan. 9 issue of the New Yorker?

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