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Thread: Social Media 101

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    Re: Social Media 101

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig Alan Huber View Post
    Greetings - I am looking for some help with optimizing my marketing reach to gain more exposure for my work on the primary social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). The platform I want to come up to speed mostly on is Instagram. Anyone considering themselves an 'Instagram Pro' willing to help?

    I don't know about instigram but on facebook you set a 'budget' for your ads and facebook will display your ad as they can within that budget. For example if you set a budget for your ad at $500 but it only runs certain areas totaling $300, you are only charged $300.

    You can have facebook automatically take your money for that or you can have them bill you.

    You will have to dig deeper to find out the value of your $300. For example if facebook tries to send your ad to me, I use strong ad-blockers, so I'll never see it. But I don't know if they still count that and charge you for the attempt.

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    Re: Social Media 101

    [QUOTE=Corran;1579208]Just yesterday I was explaining my process and talking about my new 12x20, and showed off the first 12x20 image I made by pulling up my post on Instagram of the scan of the negative.

    With people spending more time in their homes this year and online shopping booming, more internet presence is probably wise. Although, even being a blissfully ignorant anachronism, I've been making sales from my website and it's not set up with the ubiquitous shopping cart. Most of my sales are from people who have seen my photos in person in the past. It's rare that I sell to the random internet surfer. Most of what I see on social media are photos from people saying look at me or my dog having this wonderful experience-don't you wish you were here- and very little art.

    On different note, Bryan, I cruised your instagram and like your Idaho photos. Especially the Stanley lake photos. I live about 4 miles from the lake. Next time you're in the neighborhood get in touch.
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    Re: Social Media 101

    Wow! Actually I walked right past your gallery! I remember seeing something about a gallery but everything was closed at the time except the bakery down the street where we had brunch. I really liked Stanley. I wouldn't mind staying there for a week and photographing all over the are very lucky.
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