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Thread: What to build next?

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    Re: What to build next?

    My vision? Tough. I’m trying to decide what the compelling reason is to do ULF when 8x10 or cropped 8x10 seems like plenty most of the time.

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    Re: What to build next?

    The mountain is the thing
    Images vastly preferred

    not game trying to


    In Time

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    Re: What to build next?

    Quote Originally Posted by domaz View Post
    I suspect it would be extremely difficult to improve on the standard focal plane cloth shutter design. You could use timed solenoids for the slow speeds and replace the timing escapement (as the electronic shutters do), but the other basic parts would probably be fairly similar.
    No need to re-invent the wheel. 1930s focal plane shutters are excellent, they only need a reliable timing mechanism for longer shutter speeds. Hence the electronically-controlled solenoids I proposed.

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    Re: What to build next?

    Once upon a time, maybe 5-6 years ago I rescued a 1/2 plate camera from craigslist and restored it. One of the included items was an early shutter to be used behind the rapid rectilinear lens. It worked a lot like a roller blind when you let go of it and it suddenly rolls itself up. In this case the blind material was opaque and had a round window in it. But you could use the same thing with a rectangular window for a focal plane shutter. But what is the attraction of a focal plane shutter anyway when you could have a lens shutter or a Sinar shutter or just flick 2 pieces of opaque material past the lens (the Galli shutter)?

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    Re: What to build next?

    The focus error for 8x10 is at least ten times that of a medium format camera.

    With a series of gears, I don't see why it would not be possible for the "FOCUS" lens of an 8x10 TLR to be a much shorter focal length than the main lens. For example, with the correct math and gearing I'd think that an 80mm lens from a medium format TLR could be geared or cam'd to match the focus of a 300mm 8x10 main lens. That could make the whole contraption very reasonably sized. Maybe even portable.

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