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Thread: LF processing lab convenient to Houston?

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    LF processing lab convenient to Houston?

    I have been inactive in LF for severl years. Tried to get bqack in the swing with a trip to Santa Fe NM in early march, so pre-Pnademic lockdowns,

    Back home, and calling around it seems that there is no lab in Houston that will process 4x5 or 8x10 sheet film. Fgor varius reasons, I cannot process film myself. One recomendation I got then was Precision over in San Antonio or austin. Called them and they eventually told me that they send out LF films to Denver Colorado (Denver Digital Imaging). I called them and they are nice sounding folks. A mailer is on the way now.

    BUT .. .is there anyone else out there processing T-Max and Velvia? Just looking for a second sourc

    It seems odd to me tjhqat Houston, the forth largest market in the USA, doesn't have a lab that will process LF films. But it is what it is and reality rules.
    Drew Bedo

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    Re: Getting back to shooting

    Tempe camera in Tempe, Az. processes b/w 4x5. I do my own so I haven’t used them in years but they could be an option for you. Again, I know no particulars.

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    Re: LF processing lab convenient to Houston?

    If you are sending your film out of town Edgar Prauss can take care of whatever you need. I have used him for C-41, but he also processes B&W and E-6.

    Richard Wasserman

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    Re: LF processing lab convenient to Houston?

    I too use Edgar Prauss, as long as 10-15 years ago and as recently as yesterday.

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