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Thread: Sinar Bulb Release for Sinar Copal Shutter?

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    Sinar Bulb Release for Sinar Copal Shutter?

    Wondering what you all use when you need a remote shutter release for the Sinar Copal Shutter? I know there are auto and remote timer schemes. Also, long exposures with a lens cap.

    Any Bulb or similarly simple methods? Doing self-portraits for testing lighting and for practice as it's difficult to lure subjects/victims into my home studio these Covid days.

    Even with the auto-timers, will they work with the long throw for Sinar Copal?

    I need the practice, and my mannequin is getting bored!

    Appreciate the help!

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    Re: Sinar Bulb Release for Sinar Copal Shutter?

    In the 1980s, for a project that never did materialize, I needed to fire a Sinar Copal shutter remotely. With the help of a friend who was a serious remote control model airplane builder and flyer of, he constructed a small box that had one of his model airplane servos in it that would push in a Sinar shutter release. Firing the shutter wasn't the least bit instantaneous, but took a second or two to fire using his transmitter. My friend constructed the unit one evening and later told me that it was the simplest remote controls that he had ever made.

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    Re: Sinar Bulb Release for Sinar Copal Shutter?

    Here is where I buy RC parts, but I won't specify what you need.

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    Re: Sinar Bulb Release for Sinar Copal Shutter?

    Sinar Norma did make a bulb release for the Norma shutter. I have been looking for one for nearly forty years without success. At one point I thought Glenn had one in Chicago but nooooooooo

    Have you seen the short tripping plungers available from Ebay? You could prolly mod one like that but don't hold me to that

    BTW the end of the Norma cable plunger unscrews and is threaded. Maybe the cable could be extended?
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